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Part of engaging in the world of virtual casinos is becoming well acquainted with the idea of a wagering requirement. Most online casinos utilize wagering requirements as a means to keep players from taking advantage of vouchers and casino offers as well as bonuses. While the necessity for these sorts of requirements do exist, most gamblers are becoming quite frustrated with the fine print.

Wagering restrictions make it difficult to withdraw or access winnings if certain stipulations laid forth by the casino are not met. Even though these restrictions are often pretty clearly stated, most users simply don't want to have to sweat the small stuff when finding an escape from reality. This is where no wagering bonus offers come into play. No wagering welcome offers do not involve the same requirements as their more complicated counterparts. Additionally, they can often be offered through vouchers at mobile casinos in UK.

Below, we'll lay out the basics on no wagering welcome offers and voucher casino offers. Let's start with the basics.

What Are No Wagering Bonus Offers

Think of it this way, is a bonus really a bonus if there are stipulations for use? No wagering bonus offers sure don't think so, nor do they play by those antiquated rules. Simply put, a no wagering bonus is a straightforward answer to those wagering requirements. They are a bonus offered by the casino. Most of the time you don't even need a voucher casino offer to take part even if you are on mobile or in the UK. With a no wagering bonus offer, you do not need to meet any requirements in order to access funds that you won while using the bonus.

Instead, you can simply keep your winnings in your casino cashier account along with any other money you have accrued along the way. Funds can be cashed out at any time without having to meet specific playthrough requirements. However, there may be limitations on just how much prize money you are entitled to. Some UK casinos will put a cap on certain amounts of money. If you exceed that amount in winnings, you forfeit anything that goes over.

For the most part, the most common type of bonus you're bound to encounter will come in the form of free spins. You do not need a voucher casino offer to access these spins. Other casinos will put bonuses in the form of cash back, but these are not very common and generally don't line up with other no wager bonus offers.

Keep in mind that any cash back bonus offers that do float your way will probably come in the form of a voucher for a casino or a promotional code. No Wagering Vouchers

What Are No Wager Bonus Spins

A majority of casinos that operate with bonuses also offer up no wager bonus spins. These voucher free casino offers cater to slot players who want a bonus without feeling bound by strict wagering requirements. Free spins or bonus spins are free bets on slots that are not stifled by playthrough requirements or cash out stipulations. Any winnings you earn while utilizing a bonus spin can be collected at any time. You do not have to meet specific requirements before being able to cash out and get a hold of your money.

How can you procure no wager free spins? Generally speaking, these will be granted when you first sign up for your account with the casino. There is no requirement as to if this can be done on mobile or not. Most sites are more than willing to allow users to play on desktop or a device. Players are also often given voucher casino does or promotional codes that can be applied towards free spins. While no wager bonus spins aren't as common as a typical no wager promotion, should you be lucky enough to find one that takes full advantage. Claim them on whatever slot you'd like and earn some free cash.

Why Requirements Matter

You can't talk about a bonus or voucher at a casino without understanding why wagering requirements exist and why they can be a pain in the neck. Wagering requirements aren't exactly beloved by players far and wide. In fact, most hate them with the fury of a thousand suns. So what purpose do they serve and how do they apply to voucher casino offers or no wager bonus offers?

Simply put, casino wagering requirements exist to keep players from abusing bonus offers. When a casino lays out these requirements, they are telling you the exact number of times you will need to place a bet before you can cash out and take your bonus winnings. For example, let's say you have a nice $30 bonus offer that comes with a 10x wager requirement. You would need to bet $300 before you could even touch any of your prize money. Generally, these requirements do affect voucher casino codes and other types of promotional codes.

Logically speaking, this makes sense from the standpoint of the casino. Much of the frustration comes from the fact that not every bet counts as a bet. In layman's terms, some games don't apply. While a casino legally has to tell you which games count towards your wagering requirement, those who don't read the fine print often aren't aware until they're trying to cash out their prize money. Until you meet explicitly stated requirements, you can't touch your pending balance. Makes a no wager bonus sound even better than a voucher casino offer.

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No Wager Bonus Stipulations

Given that no wager welcome offers typically aren't confined to the same constraints as typical bonus offers, that means there aren't any stipulations, right? Any seasoned player knows that whether it's a voucher at a casino or a no wager offer, there is always some kind of fine print. In the case of a no wager bonus, that fine print almost always has to do with maximum winning limitations.

What are maximum winning limitations? When a casino offers a no wager coupon or a voucher casino offer for such a wager, they will often put a cap on exactly how much you can make off of that bonus. Let's say a casino sets the maximum winning limitation at $500. That seems like a generous amount, but should you go over, you might not think so kindly of such a limitation. The reason? Any funds that you earn over that $500 with your no wager bonus will have to be forfeited to the casino. Even if you win $575, that additional $75 off the top will need to be forfeited.

Simply put, always read the fine print on voucher casino offers and no wager bonus codes. While they are pretty awesome, there are still some stipulations you'll need to bear in mind before you get to the business of winning big.

Use Promos To Your Advantage

Bonus offers at casinos exist for a reason. Not only do they bring players in through those virtual casino doors, but they can prove a great jumping off point for players who want the thrill without most of the risk. A wager bonus allows you to accrue funds without restrictions or limitations, meaning what you earn is yours to withdraw or cash out on your time. You won't have to meet any playthrough requirements, nor will you be forced to give up money if you don't meet restrictions within a certain time frame. Best Deals For You


Too often, players fail to take advantage of these offers or to really seek out offers that could help them to win big. With a bit of digging and some research, you can find offer codes, no wager welcome codes, and even additional casino vouchers to help you get started. Play around at different casinos and test the waters. Odds are, you'll find an establishment that you enjoy playing at and won't mind typical wagering requirements should your bonus eventually expire. Any bonus can be used to your advantage. The first step is to understand their importance and know how/when to use them.